Saturday, April 21, 2012

Great Cloth Diaper Change

We had a great time at the GCDC today! I even won a Bummis BeautifulBASIC 2-Piece Cloth Diaper! We got some pretty neat stuff in our goody bag too! There is so much stuff! It was a great time, and once they get the pictures posted I'll put some up so you can see.
I will be doing some reviews on a few of the things we got. I figure that the company gave them away for free in the goody bags so I can at least get their name out there to help them out! Be on the look out!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stay Open Eyes!

Yesterday and today I slept in, until 10:00! I am still sooooo tired! This pregnancy is just zapping every bit of energy I have. I feel exhausted the second I get out of bed and I have such a heard time keep my eyes open. I miss being able to just drink some coffee, or have an energy drink. Maybe I should eat? Yes, that might help! Off to empty the kitchen off all it's food!

Monday, April 16, 2012

This weeks menu!

Mon- Chicken crescents, corn on the cob, macaroni salad
Tue- Dinner with my mom
Wed- Roast, carrots
Thur- Tacos (using leftover roast)
Fri- Pizza
Sat- More then likely eating out, since it's the Great Cloth Diaper Change day!
Sun- Homemade chicken nuggets, mac&cheese, broccoli

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4/9-4/15 Menu

A day late but...what can ya do? LOL!

M- Tilapia, Alfredo w/noodles, Broccoli w/ cheese sauce
T- Not cooking because we're going to my mom's for a BBQ! YAY for free food!
W- Chicken crescent rolls, Mac&cheese, Green beans
Th- Spaghetti Tacos!
F- Chicken taco salad
S- Tater tot turkey casserole (normally made with hamburger, but we're trying to be healthier here lol!)
Su- Pizza

Lunches will be leftovers from the BBQ, and other meals throughout the week.

Breakfast is very iffy these days, as my ability to cook depends on baby. The kids may be getting nothing but cereal and oatmeal all week. If I'm up to it I want to make donuts, cinnamon rolls, and breakfast sandwiches!

Friday, April 6, 2012

P's First Concert of the Year

P had her first concert of the year last night. We went after she got home from school and got her a new dress (oh what fun trying on dresses with P is!) she picked a very cute pastel colored dress with a flower pattern. When we were on our way to the school she started to worry, but by the time we got there she was ready to run off and find her friends! We found seats with the rest of the family and waited for the kids to come in...she looked so cute walking into the gym :) She sang so beautifully and she remembered each word to her lines! So so proud of her! I can't believe how much my little girl has grown. She's becoming an amazing young lady.