Friday, June 1, 2012

31 DBC: Day 15

A Day In My Life

This depends on the week. I work (babysit) every other week. Even on my work weeks my schedule is different every day, because the dad's schedule is different every day. I can do a "pretty much" schedule though!

Wake up, watch some PBS with the kids, eat breakfast.
Watch the kids trash the house out (but hey, they're having so much fun!), possibly go outside depending on weather. Eat lunch.

Play the rest of the day! Eat dinner, play some more, baths/showers for the kids, put the kids to bed.

Then it's mommy time, where I do the clean up from the day, dishes, sweep, mop, vacuum,  take my shower, watch some TV, read a little!

This of course changes during the school year, because we have less play and more homework and family projects (HA! Those are really for mommy to get stuck doing! LOL!) that need to be done.

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