Friday, June 1, 2012

31 DBC: Day 20

A Difficult Time

I've had a few of these. The worst would have to be when G was born and we didn't know if he would make it or not. Right after he was born, I asked if something was wrong. I swore he looked...different...purple. I was told it was normal. Next thing I know we're being told that his oxygen levels are low and he's being taken to the NICU. His lungs hadn't formed, they may have been wrong about his due date. We spent many of those first few days afraid that he would die. He couldn't live without oxygen. They kept telling us that he may have to go to a children's hospital, over an hour away! He fought though, and he fought hard! He surprised EVERYONE when he came off the oxygen, started feeding normally, and was able to be released after 13 days!!

Pic.1- The first NICU setup.
Pic.2- After a few days he was put in a bubble
Pic.3- A few days later he was allowed to come out of the bubble and be moved into a normal newborn bed! He still wasn't allowed to leave the NICU.
Pic.4- The day he was allowed to come to our room from the NICU. That is my best friend feeding him!

We have the best hospital ever, they allow you to stay in your room if your child is in the NICU, until they are released. The only way you'll have to leave is if the rooms fill up and they need your room, and when a room becomes available again, they allow you to come back. 

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