Friday, June 1, 2012

31 DBC: Day 21

10 Favorite Foods

You would really think that this would be something I could do in 30 seconds, but I love food so much that picking favorites is HARD!

1. Fast food. I know, not healthy, but anything coming through a drive through is awesome to be!
2. Baked Mac&Cheese. It's crunchy, yet creamy, and tastes oh so delicious!
3. Chicken Lo Mein
4. Philly Cheese steak pizza
5. Not fried fried chicken
6. Enchiladas
7. Breaded shrimp
8. Sesame Chicken
9. Nachos with cheese
10. Tornado (IDK what they really are, but they're sold at the gas station DH works at.)

If you ask me again tomorrow I'm sure my answers will be different lol. Ya'll are lucky you didn't get a list of 10 fast food foods LOL!

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