Saturday, July 7, 2012

Been Quiet

I've been pretty quiet for...awhile now. This pregnancy is going much faster then I thought it would, and I'm trying so hard to get ready for baby to get here, but I just can't! I don't have enough cloth diapers (and good lord are those things expensive!!!), I don't have clothes, I don't have a crib (though hubby said we should be getting one in a few days tops), and I don't have the rooms ready! Right now P and G share a room, which is fine, but I figure since we'll be having 2 boys and 1 girl soon that the boys should probably get a room and P should get a room. This means I have to sort through the toys in the play room so that I have all of P's toys together to go in her room, and all of G's toys can stay where they are. I then have to move all the clothes around (the playroom closet has the winter clothes/coats in it) and get G's bed moved! It just seems so overwhelming when I look at it that I end up giving up before I even begin *sigh* Wish me luck? Maybe I'll actually be able to get some of it done today since I don't have any daycare kids here!

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  1. You are being WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY quite! You should pretty much just start using this thing every day! thank you good day!