Saturday, July 28, 2012


So, Piper and Emily (my little sister) went to my grandparents. They were supposed to be there until Sunday, but ended up coming home in the middle of the damn night last night....all because Emily didn't want to wash the marker off her feet (yes, you read that right...all because of FEET!) Emily is here today, why I'm not sure, but my mom sent her over. I can tell her NO a million times and yet she doesn't stop! I've told her that Gavin is not her child, so she is NOT to tell him what to do I swear at least 100 times in just the past 15 minutes...she keeps doing it. I told her NO, you can't play with the baby gates...she just looked at me and continued to play with them. Piper is being hell on wheels, she's not listening, she's whining about everything. Yesterday/last night was my overnight with the daycare kid, and he won't be leaving until 7:30 tonight at the earliest. I am DONE! Just done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH Emily is heading home now! WooHoo!!! Maybe things will calm down a little now.

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