Thursday, August 16, 2012

Daycare Rant

I do daycare. I have 2 kids that I watch. 1 kid is the son of a friend (M), 1 is the kid next door (A). I have M every other week, at least one overnight. I have A whenever he shows up. A's parents and grandma don't seem to think it's necessary to let me know when I will have him, he just shows up! I was only supposed to have him for the summer, but he's shown up after school for the past 2 days. I still haven't gotten paid for the last week that I had him. I'm not supposed to be working, his mom and grandma both know this, they KNOW that my midwife said no more! Yet he keeps showing up. Mom doesn't really talk to me at all, grandma does but rarely about A, and his dad never does. When his dad shows up to get him he doesn't even come to the door, he just sits outside and honks. Since they don't tell me when I'm going to have him (especially since I'm not supposed to now that school has started) what happens if I leave? What happens if I have an appointment and have Piper get off the bus somewhere else, and no one is home to watch A? I'm seriously thinking of picking Piper up from school early tomorrow so that we can go do something and if A shows up then oh well, not my problem! I'll keep watching M as long as I possibly can, because his dad is my friend, and I do need the money....but I'm sick of watching A. I'm sick of there being NO communication, I'm sick of asking when I'll have him and not getting an answer, and I'm beyond pissed that I still haven't been paid except for one fucking time all summer!! My kids act like fools after A has been here, they don't listen while he is here, and then it takes a while for them to start listening after he leaves! I'm done, but I can't tell his parents because they never fucking talk to me!! UGH!!!

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