Tuesday, September 4, 2012

32 Weeks (2 days late...again lol)

I'm now 32 weeks. He's getting bigger, so his kicks and punches are starting to HURT! I've been having contractions a lot over the last few days...some are timeable, and some are just sporadic. Our friend's son has gotten to big for his crib and high chair, so we're going to trade G's old toddler bed for those! WooHoo for free baby furniture! We've even gotten clothes! I'm finally starting to feel like we *may* be ready for him to come....but there are still some things we need to get. I think we may have finally settled on a name...Logan Alexander. It may change, but this is the closest to a name we've gotten yet lol. I should have more of an update next week since that's when I see my midwife. Wow, that's one week exactly from today!

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